Farnborough: A convenient place to stay


The Silverdale Guest House is conveniently located in the heart of Farnborough, the area  is a perfect destination for visitors looking to visit the United Kingdom.

Farnborough is a town in north east Hampshire, England, part of the borough of Rushmoor and the Farnborough/Aldershot area. The town was founded in Saxon times and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086

With its convenient location to London and simple commute to the surrounding area, Farnborough is a great place to visit or stay while in the U.K.


Driving to London

For those visitors looking to visit London, Farnborough is easy to get to via the M3, which takes drivers into southwest London. Drivers can also find the M25 quite easily, which can lead them north towards Slough or southeast around London. The M25 can take drivers around London very easily as they explore the outer areas of the city.

From Heathrow and Gatwick

While Farnborough is a perfect driving distance from the English capital, the town is a mere 28 minutes from London Heathrow Airport. The convenience of staying in Farnborough means guests can be out of London congestion and into the countryside of England in very little time. The M4 junction makes the drive from the two destinations simple, and provides a straight shot to the airport.

Meanwhile, Gatwick airport is nearly as close to Farnborough as Heathrow. Located less than an hour’s drive down the M25, Farnborough is a brilliant place to stay for visitors flying in via England’s second busiest airport.

Trains to London

For visitors looking to travel by train, Farnborough gives them two excellent options. Farnborough station, also known as Farnborough Main Station, provides four trains per hour to London’s Waterloo Station. From there visitors can explore the further reaches of the city.

Farnborough North operates trains to Gatwick Airport, giving visitors the chance to travel between the two destinations. Guests to Farnborough can also take the trains from Farnborough North to Reading.

Location to south coast

Farnborough’s location southwest of London puts it in a perfect location for visitors heading toward the south coast. Just 50 miles from Portsmouth, Farnborough provides visitors with easy access to the beaches of Britain.

The town is also within a short distance to Brighton as well. Travellers can be in England’s favourite south coast holiday hot-spot in about 90 minutes.

Farnborough’s convenient location makes it a perfect choice for any traveller headed to London. Along with its own great sites to see, Farnborough offers visitors to the U.K. the chance to have a convenient base outside of London.

Along with a fitting distance from the great attractions, it is also well below London prices. Making Farnborough the perfect place to stay or visit during any trip to England.