FIVE – Farnborough International Venue and Events Centre


The Silverdale Guest House is just minutes away from the Farnborough International Venue and Events Centre and makes an ideal base for commuting to and from the centre.

The Farnborough International Venue and Events (FIVE) is a massive in-door events centre located in the town of Farnborough. Whether a company is organising a business to business event, exhibition or party, the FIVE complex is a great host site.

The FIVE complex is a 3,000 sq metre events venue operated by the organisers of the local Farnborough International Airshow. Visitors, businesses and companies visiting the area can hire out the complex for their events year round. Although the FIVE venue cannot be rented out during the airshow, it can be reserved by businesses during the remainder of the year.

Those groups using the FIVE complex will have plenty of space for their events as the venue is ideal for large exhibitions. In addition, it is well within the local transport links, allowing visitors to reach the event easily whether driving, arriving via train or by airplane. The FIVE building is located next to TAG Farnborough Airport, making the venue a great choice for anyone who is flying into the area.

The site is not only perfect for indoor exhibitions and conferences, but the outdoor space is perfect of a variety of activities. Whether team and company events or something else, FIVE’s outdoor space is great for a company’s meeting. Their outdoor space is also perfect for any temporary buildings, pop-up or mobile structures.

While the indoor and outdoor space provided by the FIVE venue is fantastic, guests to the site will enjoy the parking at no cost. FIVE can also provide customers with IT solutions during their event. The FIVE IT department can make sure each event has Wi-Fi connection, if needed.

Whether it is conferences, dinners, exhibitions or anything else a company can create, the FIVE venue is perfect. FIVE is a brilliant place to stage an event in Farnborough during the year and takes away all the headaches companies and business have in booking a high-quality venue.